11 Ways to Make Facebook Work on You

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More than 800 million people visit Facebook every day.
It is the best place in the world for business promotion, conduction of advertising campaign and for keeping in touch with friends and fans – all together and all in one.
We all use this social network every day in order to get more information about people, products or companies we are interested in. So it is easy to suggest that millions of people all over the world are doing the same. If you want to promote a brand, a product or services, information about them should be placed in your every post. So what do you do to attract people’s attention to your account on the social network? Do you know the secret ways to find targeted customers and make them your clients in order to develop your business?

Here you can find 11 ways to make successful promotion on Facebook.

1. Provide all possible information about you as an entrepreneur and your company.
It is very important to fill in all necessary data on the social media including your mobile phone and e-mail address. People have to know how to connect with you in case of need. Imaging that you are a client and you visit the page of your company on the social network. The more information you provide the more trustworthy you look. Prospective customers trust more the companies which provide public information and hide nothing.

2. Create and use the lists.
Facebook lists can be very useful for time management in order to filter news stream and pay attention only to the important things. Create the lists according to your activity and save a lot of time that you have wasted on watching distracting stuff. Make the lists of people you are dealing with or want to deal with. We can offer you some names for your lists: Friends, Family, Clients, Colleagues, Competitors, Potential Clients, Active Clients, Fans etc. To create the list and to add people to it is fast and easy.

3. Make sure you are communicating as a businessman.
Check your last posts. What do you personally think about your tone? Is it businesslike enough? If you act like a businessman, you have to communicate as a businessman too. Be sure you are not talking about your troubles with your active or potential clients. People don’t like to listen about someone’s problems. Ask yourself: would I personally want to cooperate with the person like that? If no, you know now what to do.

4. Use more visual effects.
Inspire people to participate and cooperate with you. You have to give them new emotions and feelings. The most advantageous way to attract public attention is to represent information about your company and brand visually. Here are 3 ways to provide visual information correctly:
• Make your core values visible. People should see what they get in case of cooperation with you. If you make family your core value, use more pics of pastime within the family on your page. If travelling is your core value, post more pictures of amazing places from all over the world.
• Let them see your passion. Post the pictures connecting with the hobbies, adventures and all things you love to do. Share your love with people and they will be glad to become the part of it. Check the interests of your clients and find something in common which will help you to make connection. Don’t be afraid of outstanding ideas – just follow the dream.
• Let them know your goal. If you want to inspire or to teach, share the appropriate materials such as quotes, tips etc. Want to connect people all over the world with one idea? Show your pictures with friends and family and call everybody to introduction and participation.

5. Be purposeful.
Purposeful people always inspire other people by their example to follow their dreams and to reach their aims. Always remind people about you, don’t stay in the shade. Often write hellos and short messages in order people always remember about you. Try to communicate at least with 3 people and more every day. Do this for your potential clients but do not forget about your active customers.

6. Check all your messages every day.
Often when you get messages from people who are not friends with you, they appear not in the Inbox, but in the Other message box. Be sure you check all your messages every day. You may find a lot of interesting information in the Other messages and use them in order to attract new customers.

7. Follow your inspirers.
Do you know some personalities which inspire you? They can be movie stars, singers, successful businessmen, local leaders etc. If you are not close enough with them to be friends, you can subscribe to their accounts. Add such people to your inspirers’ list and check their accounts in order to get up to date data and stay in touch without direct connection.

8. Create your group.
If you want to build community around your business over the internet, the best way is to create a group on the social network. If your company has a Facebook group, it would be easier for your potential clients to find you. You can post not only information about your products, services and brands, but also all interesting accompanying information, posts and blogs which inspire and attract the attention and interest. Stay active in your group. It is easy to do by using the conversation. Ask people what they want to talk about, what are the things they are thinking of and dreaming of. You can also create different virtual events, such as webinars and hangouts, invite people to participate and ask them to invite their friends. Do not forget to show your interest to your followers and subscribers. Ask them to tell more about their life, hobby, business, passion etc. Do not miss any newcomer and always be engaged and curious.

9. Stay active.
It is necessary to check different posts on the social network, to give likes and write comments, even to share different posts which you find interesting and useful. If you do this for someone else, someone else will definitely do this for you. Just stay active on the social media and remember that other users are waiting for your likes and comments as well as you are waiting for theirs. Be sure you like, comment and share different posts every day.

10. Stay remarkable.
To make people feel special try to make every post remarkable and not easy to forget. Use interesting and inspiring quotes with the appropriate pictures to attract attention and to not be boring. Nowadays you can use a lot of templates and apps in order to create really interesting and outstanding posts. Make your mark and stay memorable.

11. Stay goal-oriented.
Make every post with purpose. Here are 3 main types of posts you can use:
• Status updates for comments.
• Links to interesting resources or to your web store for example.
• Pictures and videos for likes and reposts.
One could see that not all your posts on social network should be carefully reviewed and refined. Just pay attention to the message you send to the world and whether it corresponds to your goals and purposes or not. Find out what posts attract more attention and try to create more of such.

Stay individual
While promoting your brand or company on Facebook, remember to stay individual and outstanding.
Maybe you are doing something outstanding right now and want to share it with the world? What are your tips for successful promotion?

11 Ways to Make Facebook Work on You
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