5 Logotypes with the Worldwide Fame Promoted on Instagram

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Placing lots of striking photos displayed different products with their best qualities is one of the most effective methods of customers’ audience attracting. Instagram offers their users the best conditions for such an activity. That’s why this social networking system is so popular among companies with the worldwide reputation.
The successful marketing campaign on Instagram is the strongest guarantee of a customers’ popularity constantly increasing.
So, one can make an evident conclusion about the necessity of the promotion on Instagram. Since March 2014, the number of active users’ profiles on Instagram reached more than 150 millions users per month. Instagram is more attractive for young people than Facebook.
Everybody starting using capacities of Instagram for a business profit will know that it is a rather complicated process. Photos of any products must be constantly up-to-date, amusing and describing these products in details. Well-known companies form especial teams for leading Instagram advertising.
The given article represents a short review of activity of 5 famous companies on Instagram. They keep leadership on Instagram followers’ rating, so it must be interesting to know their secrets of success.
#1. Pabst Blue Ribbon – @Pabstblueribbon
The brand starts its history in Milwaukee in 1844. This company has achieved significant rates of performance in the domain of the internet marketing. Instagram is not an exception. Logos of Pabst are spread over whole Instagram territory in the entire world.
Pabst obtains its popularity thank to its moderateness in the distribution of photos (3 – 4 weekly photos on average) and stocking followers (53 000).
Watching the photos from Pabst, it is impossible to refuse sharing them or following them because of their exclusive quality.
#2. Homage – @Homage
Homage is a company from Ohio (Columbus). The trade name enjoys greater popularity among the social networking users. Homage cooperates with Instagram from the beginning of its promotion and such a cooperation is enough profitable for the company.
The market researchers of Homage offer Instagram a wonderful photo mix of modern clothes with classical cotton T-shirts images. More than 22 000 Instagram followers like such a way of promotion. A lot of famous people (one of them Schwarzenegger) share By Homage brand pictures in the network area.
#3. Oreo – @Oreo
The head breaking development of the Oreo promotion campaign is tightly connected with Instagram from 2013 (the motto “You can still dunk at the dark”). The great majority of Oreo followers was appeared that year and stay here just up to nowadays. The Oreo boost lasts at this time due to the Instagram successful campaign and nothing can stop it.
Instagram increasing made growing the rates of sales for star cookies. It is a bright example of the importance of Instagram tools for top brand promotion. The Oreo profile is followed by 134k followers, but it is followed only… 0. This enigmatic development of Oreo customers’ demand only helps to be at the top.
#4. Audi – @Audi
The fame of Audi on Instagram is resulted not only from exclusive photos of super car but also from clever posts. Such masterpieces as “Where your Audi takes you… Mark your territory” are impossible to forget.
Following and sharing Audi on Instagram one can imagine oneself as Audi driver. The marketing staff of German concern did all its best to attract the attention of crowds of instagrammers to that car of the dream and its images. Now all space of Instagram is fulfilled by photos of the Audi. The genius policy of promotion is the main reason of it.
#5. Nike – @Nike
Nike from Oregon is well-known in the entire world around during enough long time. Instagram is a very important component of this popularity.
The photos with the production from Nike represent the reliability of the brand and this quality is independent on changeable conditions. Pictures on Instagram underline the strength and the beauty of the sport and do it more impressive and sure with Nike. The possibilities of the social service are used by the team of the company with the maximum of profit.
The importance of Nike on Instagram is expressed by more than 3 million followers. Once per week the brand is posted by users. Nike on Instagram will leave nobody quiet. Watching screens with the swoosh everyone start running, jumping or socking. Faster, higher, stronger is the motto just for Nike.
The five top companies chosen for the given article are quite different, but they are connected by means of Instagram successful campaigns. The teams of brands apply their efforts in the right direction, so the results are evident. Instagram is a real key to the popularity worldwide. One needs only to turn in correctly and the dreams will become the reality.

5 Logotypes with the Worldwide Fame Promoted on Instagram
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