A List Of Things You Have To Stop Doing On Twitter

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If you are one of folks who use Twitter only to  retweet superstars, upload different photos of delicious meals, and create hilariously awkward  tweets, then you need to look through the following statistics: about 77% of managers use social networks to find applicants, and more than 20% of them use these social platforms to screen out employees also.

Be aware, Twitter is really that kind of social network that can influence your career prospects, despite the fact you are openly using it for your career or not. In such case, you need to think carefully how both recent and would-be employers can see the content that you post. If you want to make a good impression —stop doing the 7 major main mistakes on Twitter.

1. Post tweets on provocative issues.

Just imagine you have a job interview and say, “Hello, I would like to talk to you about your opinion about state’s gun laws.” Difficult to imagine? Of course, it is difficult.  The same stuff is about your tweets. If you are posting about incredibly differentiating themes on the public sphere of Twitter, this is basically, what you are doing. Unless you want to have a conversation about some controversial issue, please, do yourself a favor to leave it for private discussions with your relatives and friends. Do not use for such conversations a social platform, where an employer who has another, different from your opinion, can become suddenly prejudiced against your person.

2. Disremembering that your audience includes everyone.

The provocative issue thing may be clear, but often it can be difficult even to forecast when something you post is going to become a reason of offense and destroy your career or your business brand name.

It is typical practice when brands fall into this. Trying to make a fast and funny joke, we often forget about our basic audience. Try never to forget that everyone can see what you are posting. Moreover, everyone is a quite big audience, with many people and many minds.

For example, the recent situation with FAFSA shows the dangerousness of some provocative tweets. After FAFSA tweeted its joke, their audience decreased as  the mentioned joke was not so fun for the masses of Americans who fight with poverty, and who go to FAFSA with the purpose to get a help in climbing higher up on the economic ranking.

Not only famous companies, but also individual tweeters make the same mistakes continually with terrible consequences, firstly, for their careers, therefore just think before you tweet something, think twice if your saying can be evaluated as dismissive and offensive.

3. Having no focus.

“Hello everybody! Here is what I had for my breakfast, what I had for my dinner and supper, etc.!”

“OMG just can not stop listening the new Madonna song.”

Writing similar tweets, you look not like a person who cultivates a well-versed Twitter personality, but like a person who has no focus at all. It also looks like you are wasteful in caching a chance to brand yourself as an expert in definite field, which is the only thing that can excite employers and help you get a great job.

Finally, an out-of-focus Twitter stream can ends up in more problematic, as you will dismiss possible followers who might have been attracted in one of your topics, but think the 95% of other topics you Tweet is just a  spam.

4. To take a part in negative conversations.

Twitter is as public social platform, so saying something negative about your boss, co-workers, entire company, and possible or present clients is a key taboo. Actually, for example, if you are a medical expert, psychoanalyst, lawyer, or any person who is bound to a non-disclosure contract, your Tweets could not only become a reason of your dismissal, but can get your license canceled. So, just be clever while communicating on Twitter! Only bad consequences can bring you an engaging in negative discussions with other people on Twitter. All of the risks mentioned here must always be in your mind. The employers might also interpret your backbiting as a lack of understanding and interpersonal skills. So be a good person on the Internet!

5. To tweet too much.

It is not only annoying to tweet all the time different spam tweets, but it also makes it appear as you do not have what really to do with your life. In addition, as you see, it is not the best way to build your repute as a good professional. If you post tweets during work hours, your present employer will think as if you do not want to work. As an alternative, try to minimize your tweets and chats to few times a day, so you can focus on your work tasks.

6. To focus only on yourself.

It is quite fascinating when you write your own new blogpost and your audience might be glad to read it. Twitter is a great social platform that can help you to drive traffic to your content. All at once, it is also a great place to share news with your friends about changes in your career.

In the same time, Twitter, when it is used properly, is a form of useful networking, and for you it is not the best choice to focus wholly on yourself. You can find much more job prospects fall into your hands when you engage in continuous discussion with people in your industry on Twitter, discussing important industry topics. Together with sharing articles, you will find such conversations interesting and motivating.

7. Too much hashtags.

A purposefully placed hashtag is a great tool people use to find some exact tweets and content on Twitter, chiefly for a trending issue. Still, too much of them can present you as a complete idiot. It is impossible to distinguish what you are actually trying to say or show.

Unless the situations when the hashtag really is as humorous and sarcastic as you are thinking it is, but still none of those things will show you as a clever person to a possible employer. Therefore, choose a hashtag wisely for the sake of your career.

The takeaway

Used in the right way, Twitter is the exact social network that can in fact be a great took for your career growing. However, given the public nature of the social platform, it can destroy what you worked so hard to build in a particular Tweet. So use it wisely, strategically, and please, think in advance, when you tweet something!

A List Of Things You Have To Stop Doing On Twitter
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