Another Summit Conquered by Instagram

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When centuries ago people dreamt of catching the wonderful moments and keeping them forever, they definitely could not forecast the advent of photography. Today we cannot imagine our life without opportunity to take shots on the go, which allows us to record the flow of life and preserve its brightest and saddest minutes from fading away.

We have gradually migrated from big clumsy picture-taking machines to high-resolution cameras integrated into smartphones, which can take photos and show them immediately, and due to Internet connection allow uploading pictures to Twitter, Facebook, or emailing them to the beloved ones. This shift towards digital photography put an end to the era of film photography and caused the loud fall of the Kodak Empire, however, this digital shift gave rise to new phenomena like Instagram and other networks for picture circulation. Nowadays Instagram users cannot live a day without taking pictures of everything they see and experience – and sharing them with others.

One-Second Video to Remember

To Cesar Kurimaya, the movies director, pictures are not enough. He thinks in terms of video streams, and prefers to take one-second videos of every day of his life instead of gathering still images. These videos are put together and edited into a script of a real human life. While watching these videos, Kurimaya is able to look at his life from the different perspective and understand what experiences he faced on his way and what he probably missed. Memory can omit and lose things, but the video film will not, and so Kurimaya will own a full archive of his life journey stored securely.

100 000 000 Active Users per Month – the Huge Step for Instagram

Instagram was conjured up and brought to life in 2010, but through its short existence it experienced both fails and success. In 2012 Instagram was still a lossmaking venture with only 13 people working for it, yet Facebook was ready to pay $1 billion for this startup, and the deal proved to be a groundbreaking success. Currently Instagram may officially celebrate hitting the mark of 100 million users per month, and this is not the upper limit. Described by its founding fathers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger as a tool for connecting and inspiring, Instagram has become the fifth huge player in realm of social networks along with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, and perhaps we now watch only the beginning of its journey.

Another Summit Conquered by Instagram
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