Facebook and Twitter: Common Features From Now

12 May 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

On September 2014 Facebook provided a new option that gives users the possibility to keep in check what they get from those who are their friends and from those who aren’t. Sincere the moment the option was provided, it is available for all the users. Subscribe a button gives the possibility to decide what you […]

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Interminable Controversy: Who Is The Best?

6 May 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Year 2014 was patently the very interesting for social-media investors. At the end of the year industry’s best company Facebook got almost 44% of gain as well as rival Twitter experienced about 19% of loss. From the first sight it might seem that there is nothing to think about: the numbers prove Facebook is better social-media […]

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8 Key Points of Youtube Usage

28 Apr 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Being into social marketing one should know that in order to promote anything a great and routine job should be done. It is necessary to deal with permanent updates on Twitter and Facebook and know other nuances also. YouTube can be also used for your social video promoting and in order to make maximum use […]

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Youtube Isn’t the Only One for Your Video Marketing Strategy

22 Apr 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Do you know that YouTube is the second large search platform after Google? It is really so and this fact makes YouTube a very important part of the whole marketing strategy for your video. Very important, but not the only one. If your goal isn’t just collecting as many viewers as possible, but you also […]

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Some Ways to Increase Your Popularity on Youtube

16 Apr 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

If you created a channel on YouTube, there is a need to develop it in order to get as many subscribers as possible. Subscriber is the one who follows your channel and who will help you to promote the videos, to increase your popularity and to achieve the goals you set. The number of your […]

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The Advantages of Targeted Advertisings on Social Networks

8 Apr 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

The latest experiment, made by James Woodley, current employer of advertising developer, shows us the possibilities of social networks open for marketers. We can understand better how important it is to use targeted advertisings in order to attract the attention of the necessary audience. He posted advertising about his missing cat for users of […]

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7 Advantages of Advertising through Social Media

3 Apr 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Countless number of users from all over the world use social networks every single day. Advertising through the most popular social networks gives you unlimited opportunities for brand promotion and finding of your targeted audience. In addition advertising through social networks is cheap. Here are 7 main advantages of using social networks for business advertising. […]

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Main Differences between Facebook and Twitter

25 Mar 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Some say that Facebook and Twitter have very much in common, but still they have a lot of differences as well. The main idea of the 1st social network is to connect people, while the other one provides all opportunities for the global conversation. But practically we can see huge difference between these two social […]

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How to Use Twitter for Brand Marketing

19 Mar 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Brand marketing with the help of the social networks is the innovative approach in the advertising strategy. Many marketers think that it is hard to organize a brand new marketing strategy in an effort to gain customers’ engagement. We want to prove you that brand marketing through social networks can be very easy, if you […]

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What Is The Best Platform for Mobile Marketing?

11 Mar 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

What is the most beneficial platform for mobile marketing – Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Nowadays users visit different social networks every day. Each network differs in content, audience and data which is sharing by users over the web. Modern marketers have to take into consideration all the differences and peculiarities of each social network in […]

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