Engagement of Target Audience and Its Increasing

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Chasing numbers, forgetting really important thing will never bring something good. Do you agree? Most of marketers are engaged with activities to increase their fans, followers, however they ignore quite important component of the effective promotion – raving supporters, which have enough force to make the life of marketers much easier. We call that engagement, […]

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11 Ways to Make Facebook Work on You

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More than 800 million people visit Facebook every day. It is the best place in the world for business promotion, conduction of advertising campaign and for keeping in touch with friends and fans – all together and all in one. We all use this social network every day in order to get more information about […]

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Most Important Facebook Facts Everybody Should Know

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Social networks are developing so fast that it is hard to follow the statistics. Figures can differ dramatically from year to year. Facebook as the most widespread social network maintains the overall trend. Some Facebook statistics can be really surprising. For example, 247% increase in advertising prices for using Facebook app. It turned out that […]

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6 Steps to Build and Empower Your Business with Instagram Mobile App

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Right now we will share with you the concept of a magic web platform: take mobile phone, social network activity and glue it together with photographs, or rather lots of photographs. User-friendly interface will add flavor, and here we are – it is Instagram at its best, the social network attracting millions of monthly users […]

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Another Summit Conquered by Instagram

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When centuries ago people dreamt of catching the wonderful moments and keeping them forever, they definitely could not forecast the advent of photography. Today we cannot imagine our life without opportunity to take shots on the go, which allows us to record the flow of life and preserve its brightest and saddest minutes from fading […]

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How Your Instagram Profile Can Be Transformed into a QR Code

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Today our life can be easily displayed to Earth of seven billion people via social networks. We share our information by using various formats especially developed for all our gadgets. And developing of social network tools for our mobiles is, probably, the main idea of modern soft industry. A very popular QR code, used in […]

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Use These 12 Tips If You Would Like To Have More Followers on Twitter

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Today social marketing is, probably, the main direction of development for many businesses. Moreover, if a company uses the potential of social networks and modern social media marketing services, it can promote its business without making huge investments in its advertising or even cheap, or…absolutely for free. The last variant is possible when you have […]

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Three Significant Effects Growing the Profit of Brands Provided by Instagram

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During four years Instagram becomes modified from a usual social platform with the aim of entertaining activity into a great social media marketing area. Near 60 millions of the photos are placed here everyday. Like different other social networks, Instagram is widely used for increasing the incomes of various brands. Three kinds of profit for […]

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5 Logotypes with the Worldwide Fame Promoted on Instagram

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Placing lots of striking photos displayed different products with their best qualities is one of the most effective methods of customers’ audience attracting. Instagram offers their users the best conditions for such an activity. That’s why this social networking system is so popular among companies with the worldwide reputation. The successful marketing campaign on Instagram […]

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What to Choose: Interest or Social Graph?

4 Dec 2014 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

In our days we become more and more involved in diverse networks – Pinterest, Wanelo, Sulia or WeHeartIt. Communication via networks is like a huge addiction. It seems like we know everything about social networks. But have you ever thought over difference between “Social Graph” and “Interest Graph”? Definitely, they are not the same. Marketing […]

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