Engagement of Target Audience and Its Increasing

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Chasing numbers, forgetting really important thing will never bring something good. Do you agree?

Most of marketers are engaged with activities to increase their fans, followers, however they ignore quite important component of the effective promotion – raving supporters, which have enough force to make the life of marketers much easier. We call that engagement, and engagement increase brand lift. And it increases considerably by 300%. Good number for the promotion.

Proven fact that more than half of total reader’s amount spend quite minor time, speaking about their active visiting. Therefore, just advertising metrics to which we include clicks, page views are unsuitable characteristic for us, we will concentrate on our social campaigns, and much suitable metric is user’s activity, reach.

We can consider the engagement more than quality, quantity.

Too many marketers skip many important steps and go ahead to the most fun part, they underestimate importance of target audience engaging, users, and customer shouldn’t be waited to find you.

This post will emphasize 5 ways of increasing engagement with target audience for creation more value for readers, viewers.

Know reader’s culture and where they are.

We can decide our favorite football team, according to the place we live, it works for many our activities, like choosing the favorite according to the culture, situation in life considerably influence the method for communicating and change it. Moreover it also changes our interests.

Marketers should understand that target audience preferences are very important and content strategies should be tailored to appetizing form, it will increase potential for engagement and its success.

Though media has already changed society communication, personal, cultural preferences are still unchanged, therefore turning blind eye to social media engagement – bad idea, as well as blanket advertising campaign cannot bring ROI of the targeted ones due to the same reasons.

Keeping in mind all these facts, important thing here is planning the social media engagement strategy – finding the location to bring the clients from, mainly where the market is, how people in it communicating.

For instance, we can consider the activity of NSW Minerals Council, they learned very hard way, it launched a “grass-roots” kind of social campaign, without the follower base. And it become quite bad idea in the result. Australians for Coal created by them, has been designed for showing to the government Australian people supporting native coal industry, moreover, regulating this industry will have positive outcomes on the society and will considerably influence it. Local communities also will get benefits from due to their reliant on this industry. This campaign they ran on twitter.  Absolute fail.

Focus of campaign was focus of the group on social media. They wanted to show their counterpoints to Greens’ influence, reaching on Twittersphere. Some users supported the campaign. However, their hashtag created the platform on Twittersphere to send their frustrations to this sector.

Twitter is good platform for Australian conversation with politicians, however, fundamental fail was in the argument itself. It wasn’t political argument and in this they was totally wrong. Therefore, if the political change is the main campaign objective so, they should show how all described things affect general public. And on twitter they couldn’t do that, however for gauging public opinion there is no more good place than Facebook.

Facebook we can consider as school playground, it’s place for gossip, some lifestyle issues, occupation here play interesting role – it takes place in conversation.

And Twitter, mainly has not become mainstream for communication yet, it is still notice board for the high school. You can’t air dirty laundry only to find some information, regarding news, events, and other various groups.

Follower base of NSW Minerals Council was miserable, and their opposition had good follower base, so they quickly overturned a conversation.

We can consider Twitter as moving stream – and sites with better audience swallow you. On Facebook, all conversation remain on one page, same users would see every post, response on it.

Mineral council didn’t follow their audience before fulfilling their objective, they can build online community organically,  then at the pleasant moment incite the political debates, and they would have good platform for messages broadcasting.

TIP: Quick, easy way for assessing each platform, determining the industry – driving the organic engagement lies in reviewing key recruitment sites searching for the industry, gauge where they can advertise to the desirable audiences. Recruiters can add core value to the employer, due the ability of forwarding the high number of good candidates for each role, and often it can mean sourcing talents in their natural habitat. Trying to effectively engage with resources, mining audiences, their industry recruitment definitely have Facebook with thousands of likes and twitter account with considerable likes, therefore creation of Facebook account – better idea.

Engagement of Target Audience and Its Increasing
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