Facebook and Twitter: Common Features From Now

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On September 2014 Facebook provided a new option that gives users the possibility to keep in check what they get from those who are their friends and from those who aren’t. Sincere the moment the option was provided, it is available for all the users. Subscribe a button gives the possibility to decide what you want to know about your friends – all stories, just top ones or none. You will be able to control the coming content also (filter photos etc) and to be aware of the life of other users who aren’t your friends. On the other way you will be able to share your updates with others who are out of your list of friends. At the same moment nothing will be changed for you if you don’t use the Subscribe button and you can continue using Facebook as before.

There is the list of new options that Facebook gives providing the Subscribe button:

  • Since now you get choice of your friends’ updates: if you want to know about all the updates your people do, only the most important updates or just main points.
  • You can manage the updates of those who aren’t your friends and choose their public updates only or get access to all updates they do as if they are your friends. It is a good possibility as you can subscribe to your favorite artist’s or celebrity’s page, and be always aware of their news.
  • For you it is also additional possibility to become more popular and to share you update even with those who aren’t your friends. By clicking the Subscribe button the rest of users can also control your updates. The option isn’t obliging and you can accept it as well as refuse other people to become your subscriber. In order to allow you are add the subscribe button to you profile. You can see the list of those who have already subscribed to you. You are also given the chance to control your subscribers letting them comment your posts or forbidding.

Anyway, this new Facebook function is additional and you can use it as well as refuse doing that. You can simply use its filters for that. As before, you see all the updates of your friends and in short now you can control and filter what kind of updates are more interesting for you.

With the subscribe button Facebook gives fitting reply to Twitter as now Facebook users have more possibilities. And now everyone waits with bated breath – if the majority of Facebook users continue using that social-media platform as before; or maybe they decide to combine it with Twitter opportunities and follow that innovation.

Facebook and Twitter: Common Features From Now
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