In case you decide to purchase Instagram followers in our website, you’ll be expected to pay money online. Instantly after you confirm your payment, we will contact you and provide you with new followers. We will begin to execute your order during 24-48 hours just immediately after you confirm payment. Followers & Likes will be provided to you as soon as possible. You can contact us for getting information about the status of your order.

The possibility of loss your followers is very little as we involve real Instagram users who follow your profile. However, if it happens and you lose your followers you should contact us by your email.  You will be delivered some new followers or we can turn your money back.

We have such ability to deliver this service to the websites which cooperate with us. For this you should send us an email with your orders.

Absolutely you can. As we have numerous grateful customers and also we guarantee the payment of your money back. For getting more information you can consult our pages of private policy, terms of use and refund policy.

We can be reached by our customers 24 hours a day. You need to contact us with your email and use the given details. You can ask us on skype too. Our skype id is available on the website.

This has never happened to anyone using our services. As we offer safe promotion methods, our customers have never encountered this problem, so you can be sure that your account/page is safe.

No, we do not need your password for adding likes on your page. To get more fans, you only need to provide your Facebook page URL.

Keep it in mind that there are real people behind the amounts of Facebook likes someone gets. For your page to make a good impression on its first-time visitors, it has to offer interesting or exclusive content. Besides grabbing the attention of your visitors once, you need to keep them engaged, so make sure that you post regularly, encourage comments, ask questions and reply to the questions or comments of your fans.

These are all real followers, so the IP addresses that they are added from are all different and unique.

We usually start working on your account within 24-48 hours.



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