Five Secrets of Effective Marketing Campaign to Generate Pinterest Success

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As for me, there are several things, which make me happy and allow me to retain positive mood during the whole day.A cup of coffee in the morning, my favorite song on the radio and Pinterest of course.I adore this social network. Time spins away, when I browse and browse …browse Pinterest! It is cool to view somebody’s cute photo series.

If Pinterest is new for you, I will explain about this giant network. Pinterest is a photo website where users create so called “boards” and post photos or creative images there.The process is very funny and involves from the first seconds. You are very mistaken if think that Pinterest is only for entertainment in the Internet. Developing creative board in Pinterest you can use it for business purposes. Today many young people are registered in this network. To put it in a nutshell, filling in page on Pinterest, you will have an opportunity to make wide presentation of business for free. I will share some pieces of advice for those who want to sell with a help of Pinterest.

1. Product and Pinterest
The best illustration is Benjamin Moore & Co. This is a company, which distributes paint through retail stores around the world. Who could imagine that presentation of usual paint can be so interesting? But creative team managed to post samples of paint and attract viewers with interesting door pictures.Therefore, potential clients can see exterior paint for houses on front doors from different countries. The first thought that comes on my mind is to repaint the doors. It turns out that front doors can look gorgeous with Benjamin Moore & Co paint. Yes, they achieved their final goal and got one more client. Congratulations!

Here what you can do:
Make own board in Pinterest and add bright images, something like beautiful hand-made candles, soap, photos of party make up or maybe shoes for cute dogs. Also, insert a link, following to Pinterest page, with full product description.

2. Services and Pinterest

As another example, let us take well-known firm – Simply Marketed. Mainly, this organization specializes on restaurant and small start-up promotion. Actually what they have done? Well, their marketing experts created boards with useful tips for running business. Right there visitors can view portfolio items. It turns out like two-in-one effect. Entrepreneurs come to read fresh marketing content and intuitively read about Simply Marketed business offers.

Here what you can do:

If you have services, which potentially may be interesting for online audience, so form good board on Pinterest with marketing hints or tips. Content may be used as powerful advertisement tool.

3. Experience and Pinterest
Mirella Saraswati is a guru yoga instructor. She offers relaxation yoga hours in Ibiza. Consequently, to make board on Pinterest with photos from Ibiza was a great step. Numerous pictures reflect local culture, food, nature and people. It is very likely that viewing her page, men and women from all over the world will want to visit her yoga lessons on Ibiza.

Here what you can do:
When you are going to arrange some event, like seminar, retreat, vacation, or health conferences – select pictures, that are able to inspire anyone. Business stationery, interior accessories and simply photos of cute items may reflect atmosphere of future event. Such trick will definitely help you to catch users’ attention. Use own creativity for Pinterest board.

4. Books and Pinterest
Pinterest is also a great way to say about presentation of new book. Thus, Alexandra Franzen wrote a book named as 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome and then decided to make announcement via Pinterest. She uploaded pictures which have common gist with her book title. In other words, there were photos from her book as well as various interesting pictures. With a help of every picture it is easy to express admiration or delight.

Another writer Gretchen Rubin performed new book Happier At Homeand launched creative Pinterest board. The theme was about things, which make every person feel happy at home. She added several images with design of her book and lots of beautiful photos, which are associated with peace, happiness and tranquility.

Here what you can do:
Think about posting photos, reflecting idea of your book. If you are an author, so turn on all imagination and insert cool quotes. Your board should inspire viewers to purchase the book. Agree, it is really simple to do with Pinterest functions.

5. You and Pinterest

Possibly, all bloggers and fashion experts know Gala Darling. She also launched The Blogcademy project, to help ordinary people become skilled bloggers. In Pinterest page Gala Darling managed to form community of fans, who share the same interests. Her posts are about home decoration, fashion styles, romantic relationships and travelling. All things that somehow can describe her, viewers can see on Gala Darling board. There are images of her native city – New York, tattoo photos and different nice pictures.

Here what you can do:
Make the board about yourself. What can you add there? Nearly everything beginning from things and places describing your lifestyle, fashion, preferences, mood, etc. If you want to share own interests with people, so let them know about you more.

Pinterest is among the leading social networks, which grows every day. Statistics shows that when people open Pinterest, so they browse boards during 14 minutes. It is an approximately 15 seconds to view your site page. Those persons, who often browse Pinterest, prefer to view cute photos in calm and comfortable atmosphere. Any detail when forming Pinterest board should not be omitted.

Entrepreneurs may involve clients in world of offers, services, brands and products. If you find approach to people using own imagination, so business success is guaranteed. Draw customer’s attention with a help of diverse pictures.

Grow with Pinterest!

Five Secrets of Effective Marketing Campaign to Generate Pinterest Success
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