Getting New Instagram Followers Quickly

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Instagram is a popular social media and you might have heard about it before. Indeed, perhaps you’ve tried using Instagram account for business-promotion. It’s a great decision to do so because social networks are perfect for advertising. However, it takes time to attract loads of followers to a new account in any social network. Instagram is not an exception. How can you get followers quickly?

Firstly, tell the others that you have an Instagram account. People do not know that you exist in Instagram. So, add your Instagram URL into the email signature, put the link to the newsletter you send out, put the Instagram URL on your business cards as well as flyers and don’t forget to tell your customers about the company’s Instagram account.

Secondly, perhaps your friends have already been following you in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. So, there’s no obvious reason to follow you in Instagram, too. Then give them a reason! For example, don’t automatically link your Facebook account to an account in Instagram. Why? You can post just one photo from an event, for example, in Facebook with a link to Instagram. You will tease your followers this way. Those, who would like to see the rest of the photos, will have to join you in Instagram. As you can see, exclusive content is a reason to follow you in Instagram, too. Pay attention to this nuance and upload original and viral images. Make your content unique and followers will start to arrive.

Thirdly, use hashtags! This is a very useful thing for everyone, who wants to attract followers in Instagram. The optimal number of hashtags is 3-7 per post. These hashtags should be appropriate. Certainly, there’re lists of the most popular Instagram hashtags and you should use ones from the list but don’t write irrelevant hashtags. They are not only inappropriate, they’re annoying. So, if you post an image with a new hat, don’t write “#justinbieber”, though it’s a popular hashtag. Type “fashion” or “pretty”, as these hashtags are popular, too, and they are really relevant. Also, words, related to the industry you work in, to your niche, can be considered as appropriate. Writing up to 7 hashtags requires knowledge of what is popular and creativity, as they should not be the same.

The last tip is very simple, too. Engage with others online. People will respond to your likes and comments and visit your profile.

Getting New Instagram Followers Quickly
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