How to Create a Popular YouTube Video

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Nowadays videos are a very popular part of the online content. It doesn’t matter whether your video is educational, entertaining or advertising, as you anyway need to be aware of how to get the most out of the created video on YouTube. The number of views is a kind of indicator, which tells if the video is popular and therefore worth attention or not. How to gain as many views as possible? Continue reading.

Choosing the topic of your video and creating it is obviously a very important part of gaining popularity. Don’t choose an exact topic just because it’s popular and many people are likely to watch it. You should have passion for what you are going to tell in your video. This is the guarantee of success. The topic of the video defines your audience. You should understand that the content you create will be interesting for a certain group of people. Football fans, English learners or general audience – this depends on the topic. Again, don’t try to attract attention of general audience if you are not very interested in creating this content. There’re a lot of competitors who will be much more fond of the topic than you and their videos are likely to gain popularity easier. Just do your best to create a video about something you’re keen on.

Also, don’t expect people to write wonderful comments claiming that the video is fascinating and you’re a future star. Online viewers are often really rude and behave impolitely. Be ready to read harsh comments. This is good. Criticism is much more efficient and useful than endless praise of parents and friends. Indeed, online criticism is usually genuine, so you will find out what’s wrong with your video and avoid these mistakes next time. However, you are likely to face trolls online. Just ignore them, don’t waste time paying attention to aggressive and silly trolls. They mean nothing to your work.

Although creating the content is important, it isn’t the only thing that influences success of your video. Editing the video is extremely important. If you create a wonderful video, which is interesting and likely to attract attention of a large audience but you didn’t work on editing much, you will fail miserably. Do you like watching badly-edited videos? And no one likes. Bad editing reveals lack of effort or skills, while online viewers prefer perfect content.

Finally, choose an appropriate title.

How to Create a Popular YouTube Video
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