How to Use Twitter for Brand Marketing

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Brand marketing with the help of the social networks is the innovative approach in the advertising strategy. Many marketers think that it is hard to organize a brand new marketing strategy in an effort to gain customers’ engagement. We want to prove you that brand marketing through social networks can be very easy, if you know what to do and how to do it correctly. We have created special promotion tools, which will give you outstanding opportunities for brand promotion. All tools are affordable for all social networks plus the website of your company. In this article we want to share the best tools for Twitter promotion. You will become acquainted with the most innovative methods for effective marketing campaign. We want to share some tips with you, which will be very useful for you in an effort to increase customers’ engagement and brand awareness.

Here are the main methods for social media promotion on Twitter we want to share with you:

Use contests to ask the users about the next product/service which they want to see (tool – Vote Contest);

Ask users to share pictures with your product (tool – Photo Caption Contest);

Ask users to make a Pinterest board with their favorite items of your company (tool – connection with Pinterest);

Ask users to write several sentences about their usage of the company’s products with the reasons of their loyalty;

Ask users to send the pictures of your products;

Use the appropriate images and slogans for your contests. Make certain that they bear to your brand as these are the ones which people will see most often.

Do not ask your visitors to write that they love your brand. Ask them to share their opinion and attitude. This is the only correct approach which will bring you success.

How to Use Twitter for Brand Marketing
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