How Your Instagram Profile Can Be Transformed into a QR Code

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Today our life can be easily displayed to Earth of seven billion people via social networks. We share our information by using various formats especially developed for all our gadgets. And developing of social network tools for our mobiles is, probably, the main idea of modern soft industry.

A very popular QR code, used in different spheres of production, sales and logistics of goods, has been recently adopted by networks’ designers. For instance, in the basis of apopular startup (founded in 2011) lays the concept of more simplified procedure of creating QR codes by iPhone and iPad.

With the help of this app the users of mobiles have a good option to scan QR codes, and businesses can create their own QR codes by using a polished option of the app.

Can you imagine that had been downloaded 10 million times just in twelve months only!

So, there is a natural question – How your Instagram profile can be transformed into a QR code?

Recently has created a website – “ScantoGram” where your Instagramprofile” can be transformed into a QR code. Once you have this Instagram page with your unique QR codes, you will be auto-followed on Instagram.

Let’s see how it works:

1) For instance, you have 20 Instagram users, whose content impresses you;
2) Use ScantoGram to create a page for sharing those 20 people’s content;
3) This page will have an address – site – – and you can share it with other users and your subscribers. Your site will be filled with QR codes adapted to your page on Instagram;
4) Just move over your profile and you will get the image flips and the revealed QR code. You can easily scan this code by mobile scanning app –
5) Finally all people who use QR code reading application for scanning the QR codes will have an opportunity to auto-follow the users on Instagram.
Every innovation for social networks is usually developed for fun, but consequently businesses turn it into commerce, a way of earning money. Just the same with that is going to open a new era in social engagement. At the same time this sales element like QR code will turn common social network profiles into the next platform for commercial interests.

How Your Instagram Profile Can Be Transformed into a QR Code
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