Most Important Facebook Facts Everybody Should Know

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Social networks are developing so fast that it is hard to follow the statistics. Figures can differ dramatically from year to year.
Facebook as the most widespread social network maintains the overall trend.
Some Facebook statistics can be really surprising. For example, 247% increase in advertising prices for using Facebook app. It turned out that social network is still using applet for advertisement but with no will to build its own platform of payment.
Here are the most important business facts about Facebook and its future development. It is some kind of earnings summary which may help to form an idea about the future of the social network as a platform for business promotion and marketing.

Mind-blowing Money Facts about Facebook

We offer you interesting and insightful information about Facebook activity. One could see that the part of mobile comes to the fore.
1. $ 3, 2 billion profit for 1 quarter.
2. Earnings for advertisement increase for 64% each year.
3. 1 million video views each month.
4. The number of employees has grown 40% comparing with the last year. Nowadays 8,300 people work for Facebook and this number continues to grow.
5. 1, 5 million advertisers are using social network for promotion.
6. Free cash flow over $760 million during 1 quarter.
7. 64% of registered users visit site every day.
8. 1, 35 billion users visit Facebook each month.
9. More than 700 million people use mobile app every day (40% increase comparing with the last year).
10. 700 million people use social network every month for participating in groups.
11. 600 million people use WhatsApp every month. This amount is coming to 1 billion.
12. Facebook applink has been used to create 3 billion links.
13. Advertising prices have increased 247% comparing with the last year.
14. Ad views have decreased 56% comparing with the last year.
15. Games considerations are decreasing 2% from year to year.
16. Instagram is coming to 1 billion active users.
17. People spend 21 minutes per day on average on Instagram.
18. 1, 12 million people use social media mobile app every month. It is plus 250 million comparing with the last year.
19. Mobile app makes a 66% profit comparing with 49% during the same period over the last year.
20. People prefer to use app neither than Facebook messenger for communication and answer 20% faster on app messages.
21. The number of daily users is growing rapidly and now amounts 864 million comparing with 829 million in the last quarter.
22. 1 billion deals every week are made between users and entrepreneurs.

What can I use these statistics for?

1. To create qualitative content for business promotion.
People should see interesting and fascinating thematic content which is dealing with their own will and expectations. Modern social media tools help to create appropriate content faster. So the competition for the fast appearance in the news timeline will continue to grow. Up-to-the-minute data can be promoted all by itself. As for another items, they should be promoted properly. For example, World Cup can generate more than 10 billion responses just being up to date whereas in contrast all public representatives can get not more than 1 billion responses per day. The companies will make successful promotion just in case they are participating with users and get them interested in their activity. If you want to find more ideas how to draw the attention and interest of the target customer, check the other articles on this topic.
2. To make your advertising policy more effective and profitable.
Facebook has increased advertising prices for almost 250%. This shows the importance for every company to build an effective customer-oriented advertising campaign. The most simple and effective advertising strategy is to use e-mail addresses of users to get them connected to the advertisement platform. You can use contest platforms to increase the customer loyalty by 17, 5% (statistics according to the latest 2,000 social media campaigns). Remember, that you can use this strategy only if your page has at least 500 fans. First of all try to focus on canvassing of customers using free tools (such as timeline contest creator for example). More than 450 million people use Facebook mobile app each day, so you will easily find your targeted audience. Be sure the content you are posting is easy to check on mobile devices.

What will be the next?
1. Facebook will create separate apps for its groups in the next few years.
Mobile app is easy to use and it is becoming more popular among modern users. Social network creators want to connect 1 billion users of mobile apps in order to start using it for earnings.
2. FB is not going to work as a separate payment platform for the advertisement.
Social network will not create its own payment platform. All rumors around this statement are unfounded. FB can participate in the creation of collaborating payment platforms but nothing more. This means that social media is not going to become a payment service such as PayPal for example. This is good news for all world of online payment system as the companies represented there would not get another competitor.
3. World connection as a working mission of social media.
Facebook will analyze and explore new digital world in order to educe and understand the ways of connecting people all over the world. The next 3 years social media team is going to develop the resource and to closer daily amount of users to 1 billion people (in comparison nowadays more than 800 million people visit the site every day and more than 700 million users visit social groups every day). As to the statistics social media videos receive 1 billion views per day. As for the Instagram, average user spends 21 minute a day visiting this resource. The next 5 years social media developers want to do everything possible in order to make Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger the most outstanding platforms with 1 billion users per day. As for now WhatsApp has nearly 600 million users, so it is on the right way to success. During the next 10 years Facebook developers are planning to conquer greater part of the internet and connected virtual areas. Creation of the great computing platform will give the opportunity to connect more people all over the world. Mark as the founder of Facebook believes that the virtual reality will be an integral part of our future life and computer technologies will develop fulminantly providing more and more opportunities for users.

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Most Important Facebook Facts Everybody Should Know
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