Promoting YouTube Videos? Easily!

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Promotion is incredibly important. Even in case you create wonderful videos, they still need as much promotion as it’s possible. Otherwise only a small number of people will know about your work.

As promotion itself is quite a tricky task, there’re some useful techniques that can help you to deal with it.

1. Send a link to the email list

This one is a little bit obvious but people often forget about it. After uploading a new video to Youtube, send the link to the whole email list. In case you send a periodic newsletter, add a link into the newsletter, too.

2. Tell in the blog

If your company has a blog, why don’t you use it to advertise new videos? Company blog is available to a whole customer base, even more than that. Just write new posts about new videos, including a link to the video or embedding it.

3. Build public relations!

Although many companies consider this method as an old-fashioned one, don’t follow this tendency. Building strong public relations still works, so in case your video is new and important, don’t hesitate and offer them your press release. Don’t be shy! You also need to target certain news outlets. Don’t wait, send emails to blogs, publications and your industry’s trade groups. Apparently, don’t forget about the link to the video in your press release, so that people can watch the exact video. This kind of promotion is not difficult but it requires effort and time.

4. Social media is useful!

There’re thousands of people, surfing on the Internet in search of something fun and interesting. How can you find them? Certainly, most of them are in the social networks. So, use these websites in order to promote a YouTube video as fast as possible. This is perhaps one of the most efficient ways to gain popularity.

How to start? Just mention your new video in the status and send messages about it to your friend. Facebook allows its users to embed the whole video into the post just by typing the URL in. If you have Twitter, you can paste the link to your video in the new post and on Pinterest a virtual pinboard is ready for you “pinning” the YouTube video to it.

Indeed, it is not the whole list of the opportunities in the social networks. There’s still social bookmarking as well as news sites. StumbleUpon and Reddit are convenient websites for posting a link to your new viral video. It’s a great means for expanding the viewership quickly.

Promoting YouTube Videos? Easily!
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