The Advantages of Targeted Advertisings on Social Networks

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The latest experiment, made by James Woodley, current employer of advertising developer, shows us the possibilities of social networks open for marketers. We can understand better how important it is to use targeted advertisings in order to attract the attention of the necessary audience. He posted advertising about his missing cat for users of the certain area where his cat was lost. He spent only 12 pounds for advertising and found his cat in 30 minutes. Targeting on geographical alone can bring you unlimited possibilities for promotion through social networks. works closely with Facebook and provides different advertising opportunities for more than 1 billion active users. This company can help to create brand engagement for small and large companies using sensible advertising campaigns based on the data available on the social network.

Competent advertising should be targeted. For instance, we can describe how to find an appropriate audience for charities. According to researches, key audience of charitable donors is patents with children under 3 years old and people who follow the news in the certain area. It is possible to distinguish such audience with the help of Facebook tools. It is more effective to advertise to your targeted audience than to all people available online.

Another targeting tool available on Facebook is advertising through custom audiences. When people buy goods online, they provide web stores with their email addresses. These websites can use Facebook in order to find its customers according to their emails. In the future they can send their advertisings directly to their customers through social media and invite them to join their community on the social network.

It is proved that combination of two abovementioned tools can be especially useful and bring huge benefit to marketers. Here is another tool which may help the company to increase its audience. It could be done with the help of the audience which is similar to the targeted one of the certain brand. Companies can find users on Facebook if they enter their sites with the help of Facebook details. It gives the opportunity to find each person on the social media and to send direct advertisings through it.

While Facebook provides a lot or opportunities for social media advertising, Twitter is still a newcomer in this area. But still it provides numerous opportunities for brands to get a more human view of their users in order to understand their preferences and demands.

The Advantages of Targeted Advertisings on Social Networks
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