Use These 12 Tips If You Would Like To Have More Followers on Twitter

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Today social marketing is, probably, the main direction of development for many businesses. Moreover, if a company uses the potential of social networks and modern social media marketing services, it can promote its business without making huge investments in its advertising or even cheap, or…absolutely for free. The last variant is possible when you have just started your business and have enough time for organizing a wise scheme of your social promotion.

Twitter, being one of the most popular networks, attracts a lot of market leaders too. The concept to express any idea in one tweet – in 140 characters – stimulates users to build their thoughts in a short, meaningful and memorable form. Every tweet should be accompanied by a #hashtag or some hashtags, which mark your message and group together other tweets with the same hashtags.  If you have your own profile on Twitter, you are welcome to repost (retweet), like, follow and share various messages and sites with the help of which you could gain new subscribers (followers).

So, you have acted according to all possible social media marketing rules and strategies: you have become a follower of many businesses and prosperous market influencers, reposted numerous tweets and posted a lot of your own tweets with various hashtags. But…You see that the number of your followers is lower than the number of those users whom you are following. You can have various ideas why it happens so. But there is a dozen of exact tips that will help you to promote in Twitter.

1.     Don’t tweet late at night

It’s better to post during the day or at least in the evening but not late at night. Of course, there is a certain category of users, who sit on Internet and social networks during the whole night but it’s still an exception. The majority of users, especially business people, prefer to tweet, like and retweet during the day when they have some free time at work or just relax on weekends and hilidays. And if users find your tweets and profile in whole interesting and useful, they might follow you immediately.

2. Don’t run into extremes: stopwriting too many hashtags and posting tweets without any hashtag.

Your satisfied visibility rate on Twitter can be achieved through hashtags. According to the latest researches of Offerpop the majority of hashtag users (70%) are the owners of mobile phones. Using of hashtags shortens the time for searching the information on Twitter. Advice: use 2 hashtags per tweet.

3. Don’t sleep! 

Be active and responsible for your visibility in Twitter: fix your profile and decorate your picture (avatar) or logo. Try to attract your followers by moderating your profile all the time.

4. Don’t post too long tweets

Actually, Twitter is founded for users on-the-go, who are pressed for time to write long post and to read them accordingly. Popularity of Twitter shows that this idea of 140 characters is absolutely in demand. Long posts are usually skipped. Write short but meaningful tweets, which could evoke engagement expressed in comments and retweets.

5. Don’t forget to ask for retweeting

If you are strongly aimed to progress in Twitter, you must ask for retweets. It’s obligatory for marketers, who want their businesses to become a new brand. Try to engage your followers and prospective customers via simple phrase: “If you like our update, retweet it, please”. And pay attention, please, on an interesting fact – the spelling plays a big role here – write all letters in “retweet” not abbreviation “RT” (users react at 23 times actively when they see the understandable word). But again, don’t be annoying and ask not all the time.

6. Don’t post too much

Try to be interesting for your followers and keep in touch with them via regular tweets about your latest updates. But don’t “overtweet” them with tons of everyday posts.

7. Don’t follow everyone

You should agree when you have a targeted audience, it’s easier to engage with it and promote your ideas and businesses to it. There’re some recommendations on Twitter according to those profiles you can follow based on your interests or business sphere. You should have a certain strategy – to follow only those users who can be your prosperous followers and the number of your own subscribers will be increased accordingly to their followers.

8. Post only worth retweeting tweets

You should always keep balance between quantity and quality of your tweets. Try to write only catchy and useful tweets for your readers. Good content is the most valuable for social network users because only worthy ideas can evoke back feed, communicating and, finally, following.

9. Interact with your followers

“Social” means relationships between people, so, social networks are based on communication and exchanging or sharing information between users. Do not only posts, but reply to comments and send direct messages.

Use Twitter’s tool – Followerwonk, with the help of which you will be able to search for key words connected with your business sphere and observe the highly rated topics, thus you will have an opportunity to use these data for widening your social graph and engaging with your targeted users via your specific terms.

10. Include only checked links to your posts

Don’t loose your real and prosperous followers via bad links. Your content must be qualitative and credible for deserving a vast targeted audience.

11. Extend your timing

Remember, social networks inhabit in virtual space, where the notion of time is rather comparative. People all over the world use networks for being in touch with each other. Whenever you enter Twitter, you will constant tweeting. So, if are going to widen your business in different countries and even continents, you should think over the time zone of your prospective interrogators before placing your posts on Twitter. Well, they must be active at the time of your tweeting and not asleep.

12. Make your posts vivid through pictures

Visualization of information through pictures or videos attracts people’s attention.  Specialists of social media marketing count this rule and use a lot of vivid photos and videos for successful promotion of businesses and creative people.

Use These 12 Tips If You Would Like To Have More Followers on Twitter
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