Way to Triple Twitter Followers in Few Months Part I

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I will share an interesting technique and it allowed me to effectively triple Twitter followers.

Obvious fact that getting more followers connected with the application of the good, consistent tweet content. Do you use such content?

How much time this all procedure can take?

Combing of internet can take some hours per day and this all for just finding list of good articles, which can be interesting for readers.

And I will describe daily 10 minute procedure of setting some tweets allowing to triple followers.

I have started and had 200 followers. And user experience, growth were not about me.

And then, Twitter Counter began to show me new numbers and it still increases.

My tweet number remain the same, however followers increase. Is it real? Perfectly. Literally – it’s my tactic of followers increasing and my numbers it is a result.

This is not followers explosion and will not give instant thousands of followers. However, my method is quick, easy way for consistent building of steady stream of good followers, (by good I mean real followers).

I call it tactic of effective slow growth.

What is it?

Slow growth means tweeting good, sharable content related to business niche, maximizing numbers of readers, which have seen sharing of this content through tagging it to the popular hashtags related to the business.

I know, hashtagging sounds can sound like the ordinary action. However, it is a quality, sharable content combination with related, popular hashtags connected with business and they make all these thing work.

I can run business about handmade dog collars. I will find good quality article about the pet care. These articles I found would be about walking with dog or some funny article about dogs and cute moments in their lives.

Such content is quite shareable. Next, follows finding of keywords regarding the pets, you should include such keywords in tweet.

Combining a right content with good hashtags create my recipe for getting new followers, in the result increasing of re-tweets.

Why does my method work?

Consistent Tweeting content of high quality connected to your business niche does some interesting actions helping in increasing of Twitter presence:

Firstly, people follow because your account is interesting providing really great content.

For instance, someone saw your tweet and it was retweeted by quite popular account. Probably they would hop onto your Twitter and will find out your information and will read your articles.

Consistency of account is clear from the first glance for the readers, they can reveal your ability to provide good, awesome content. Quite big, significant factor in deciding to follow.

Secondly repeatedly updating tweets and good content helps in increasing presence and provide authority in some peculiar niche. This is above everything and super important.

Perceiving as an authority, people will trust. And trust – huge factor considering the willing to pay, and they would if someone will ask them.

How to start

Making this possible, there is good service called Buffer. We will use this one.

Don’t know it? Ok, it just schedule tweets or other social networks posts in advance. Use Hootsuite if you have it now, however it takes your precious time and I will explain the reason.

Firstly, signing up of free account in Buffer. Why should we all use Buffer? Because of their new feature “Suggestions”

Mainly, they curate good, sharable content from huge variety of some objects and write good tweets, they link it to your content. Your task – just adding tweet to the account. It’s quite huge shortcut saving mass of time. Searching of information, quality content will live in your past.

And here I will show real magic. Adding tweet in account, we will combine it with the second important step – creation of popular hashtag related to tweet subject.

For instance, I work for creation of UI and I run small business, I just sell PSD files, (they are for design and serve like mobile templates, I have designed). Looking to attract somehow my followers, interested in design – hard thing, they will definitely respond to my content, and buy my design files.

Checking out Suggestion section I will see some twits with headers ( Studying of thousands Mobile Apps showed new information and a link next to the tweet leading to my blog post.

Adding this to queue, editing and including there popular hashtags like #Mobile, #IOSdesign. Searching for popular hashtags – important part of all this activity.

Clear fact that only choosing content from subject relating to business separates you from realization of my plan. Remember the strict connection to the business niche.

And here Buffer’s suggestion can fail.

My tactic in use, avoiding application of “Suggestions”

Biggest Buffer problem is their Suggestions work only for five categories. And they related to some business development, marketing, design, mainly, little amount.

And dealing with cooking, application of suggestions become impossible. Attracting followers will deal with sharing content regarding the cooking, and online marketing will be absolutely useless.

And here comes BuzzSumo, another service, find this search engine, it tracks social sharing. You can just find “cooking” and view popular articles with good shares. Then you can add it to the account with link to the blog, or your personal site.

And avoiding of relying on “Suggestions” will help us to find our popular, shared content in peculiar niche, then add it to Buffer queue.

Social count of all articles can act as good proof that an article is qite good. Investigate an article! before  decision is it good article for your blog, twitter account.

Enter Buzzsumo To start and create your free account then search quite broad keyword regarding your subject.

Publish cookbooks? – Use “cooking” as your keyword.

And then site will return a broad list of all shared content relating to the cooking, or other broad keyword. And here there is good filter on the left. Use filter to show content from the last few months.

In such way, site will show quite fresh content.

Found what you like, enter the Buffer again, add this link to the account. Cut down the blog post title and use it using it as text for tweet

We shoud save some space for our sweet hashtags.

Application of popular hashtags

Content finding, hashtagging is great, however how to choose good hashtags?

Highly shared article about knives can attract some kind of followers, I can post it, hashtag it by #knivesrules, #willyoumarrymeknife. And what will happen after that? Nothing. Problem is in choosing bad hashtag. Hashtag should searching pattern of the readers. There are miserable amount of people who search for #knivesrules

Picking hashtags without distinction – bad idea, consider their popularity. And to check them use Hastagify service, good thing for checking hashtags for popularity.

Enter Hastagify and search your hashtag relating to your business or tweet subject.

For instance you make knives, then entering “knife” will return many popular, related hashtags related to the entered one.

Easier to view all hashtags through the table mode. To find it go down to bottom and find bubble diagram, there you will find one tab, saying “Table Mode”. Then click it and switch more comfortable view.

Then find “popularity” and determine what tags better to use, and which will go with chosen ones. Therefore, you will get some additional hashtags for creation base of articles with good hashtags, relating to a business niche, which are popular too.

Searching #knife, hashtags #cooking, #chef are much popular than other hashtags like #knife. Better to choose #cook #chef, #knife in the tweet.

Have results with quite low popularity click popular articles and there you will find other more related hashtags, there you will find much popular hashtag to use.

Can’t find hashtags for request “knife” than click on #chef and find other more related hashtags.

So, tag #food – more popular than just #cook and probably good idea to change hashtags to #chef, #food, #knife.

And do that until you will find hashtags with good popularity. Then update your tweet in Buffer, in software you use.

Such procedure can’t take even 10 minutes for filling up information and creation of good twits. And Buffer works good for my benefits. I use on Mondays and get good stream of constantly coming new followers, favourites, re-tweets for one week.

And on Mondays I repeat this actions again!

Way to Triple Twitter Followers in Few Months Part I
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