Way to Triple Twitter Followers in Few Months Part II

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In the previous part I’ve told you a few ways on how to triple Twitter followers, here you will find a continuation of the article.

Wrapping up

So, that’s my good plan. Quite easy, quick plan and following to it has increased my followers dramatically for some months. You can apply my tactics in your Twitter and get benefits now.

Know searching content

There are many marketers who don’t have endless suppliers of good videos, memes – your chances for success lie in people who going onto sites to find something, if you have one thing they are searching, then you have done these things:

•          You have their sought for answer

•          You have insights, disregarding into what, it’s interesting for them

Many industries consider internet as a saturated market. Trying to start when you are sure that your site behind 8-ball – probably daunting, however, you should direct efforts on your current landscape, find gaps that your site can fill and moreover, with quite valuable content, insight.

For instance, your content is King. Deeper, richer content offering to the audience, will make people to return to the site and will treat it as their trusted source. If the site is only add-on to some core product, mainly, kind of supporting resource for some program, then your question for answering is – “Can I give something more than my core product offer to my audience?”

We cannot use “online replays” giving to the audience somewhat different, insightful will be useful. Exclusive content will magnify the efforts engaged in the activity.

Recapping offers – useless thing, because they have it on the first screen, and important is what are the behind scenes, some deleted scenes, commentaries from casts, crew. It’s audience’s reward for bringing commitment to show.  Without mentioning the television episode – 1 hour that includes in the 168 episodes we see watch each week, so engaging fans through internet substantially increase attention that paid for TV program, and attention makes program much valuable for advertisers.

Increasing one of the reality show about the cooking competition with the high rating did all these things with supporting platform and it provides information about the contestants, gives recipes, and provide behind-the-scenes. There people can find news, videos and social platforms produce good engaging with audience.

It is quite simple thing, however very important one, you should be immersed in your topic and become passionate. Topic should present importance to you. And you should be the part of this, then follows the asking one question – What should I know?

Answering the question lies in identifying a gap, available for me, it can be echoing a thoughts used by other users, fans. Answering the answer you will produce theme, angle for using in engaging with audience, differentiating from current landscape. Following the example, many viewers of contest, wanted to cook some certain dish seeing it on their TV, because they make available their recipes after the show and they direct traffic to the site, where people easily find further content. Nielson study shows Twitter Australia revealed high people percent search on twitter brands they seen on TV.

Time is money

Instant gratification is creation of the internet generation. Timing – everything for people, therefore for you, so be extremely conscious about offers and best accommodation of industry demands.

Receiving of occasional views/visits can face accidental stumbles through your site while “window shopping”, frenemy stalking, however, people accessing the site have some goal to start their internet voyage. Knowing events, ideas, trends drive your users to content; therefore you have better position for timing posts much effectively and get maximum engagement.

Engagement for Daily Telegraph’s site was driven by National Rugby League games. Due to the games, which are played weekly, site has minimum posts, however these posts are dictated on the game schedule. They got preview posts before games and reviews after games, they update the information about week’s matches when they are already played.

Super Coach – (site’s name) acknowledges  the fact that audience will visit site before match for information about game, players, then they will visit site for reviews, news and scores. Because they can’t afford posting of pre-game post when game is played, and post-game review is absolutely useless for audience after a week when they talk about the next rounds.

Decided to work on blog weekly? Make sure to have time in diary and set it aside to get your blog done. We give some deadlines which are simply impossible, we can’t devote necessary time to tasks at our hands, thinking to do that at some point.

Social networking site or blog, is also undertaking, and quite different from updating personal Twitter, Instagram account. Posts should be insightful, engaging, however, to produce them take time, much efforts.

Committed to your task? Then commit your time. And these are quite valuable hours spent each week!

Consistency and reliability

Have drawn your audience attention, then be sure that you’re enough consistent!

It is miserable to get hooked on your weekly blog for delay for unexplained, unexpected silence without the updates. Audience will probably lose loyalty to you for quite long, because in our world all information is available simply in one click and impossibility to get information from your resource will mean lack of information to share with readers.

Consistency should touch also valuable content delivery, if it so, readers will with the same consistency return to consume your content. And knowing of time when audience want to engage is crucial, when they eager you would send them your new material to satisfy their need for information.

Building and maintaining target audience lie in consistency we described in the examples above. They are really key factors. Keeping up with chosen industry, topics, campaigns is very important because even Thought Leader will never be read if it was silent for weeks or even year.

Committed to some industry with regular events like TV, sport, so consistently update content, and use same time frames as before.

Timeliness – good bonus, however reliability is much important. Provision of good content on Wednesdays, even if the best interesting event carries out on Monday – audience will definitely return on Wednesdays to read updates. Starting posting on Fridays, and changing for Saturday will cause missing post, and audience will definitely lost along with credibility built until this time.

TIP: Starting blog, social site? Then create your content calendar and map your ideas, milestones, topics to cover in some months. Quite important thing is having good “story engine”, planning the content calendar, so you should not think for new ideas for some months. However, if there are troubles with creation of content for six months can be sign of the bad topic and should force you to rethink chosen topic.

After plotting out milestones, ideas, follows categorization of using of stories for engaging with audience. May be for one idea, or Q&A session for driving higher engagement, because it provide more engagement that simple answering question on blog posts. Speaking of event, you can use knowledge for interacting with audience through the organic conversation. Such a beneficial (for the marketer) exercise.

Two-way street

Committing to blogging is good and posting videos monthly also good, but consider sporadic engagements which are important too. Listening and responding the audiences’ questions, spontaneous conversations – good strategy. You can generate in this way your own conversations with audience.

Audience engaging through answering questions, giving odd hint, some tip, good way for ensuring real loyalty to the site. They will definitely humanize you. Therefore, conversation should go both ways. It’s social activity and marketer should be involved in this.

Two way conversations help to get some feedbacks from audience. And this information is quite useful in upgrading the site, because they provide real-time data on success of the communication outreach and other activities.

Way to Triple Twitter Followers in Few Months Part II
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