What Is The Best Platform for Mobile Marketing?

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What is the most beneficial platform for mobile marketing – Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

Nowadays users visit different social networks every day. Each network differs in content, audience and data which is sharing by users over the web. Modern marketers have to take into consideration all the differences and peculiarities of each social network in an effort to engage new customers and get the attention of the public.

For instance, Pinterest is focused on visual data and have the preference of female audience, while Twitter’s content is textual and more varied. If you work in hospitality business, it is more preferable to use visual advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you work for B2B company, it is more reasonable to use Twitter and Facebook for your marketing campaign.

When you choose the best social media for effective mobile marketing strategy, you should focus on device, content and audience. Every social network has its own strengths and peculiar features. If you are acquainted with them, it will be easy for you to make the right choice.

Pinterest is more preferable to use for mobile marketing in retail business. It is better to use images for advertisings and remember that nearly 70 percent of audience is female.

Twitter is the best platform for online communication with customers. On Twitter you can use short catchy messages to attract the attention of users and to encourage them to conversation. Twitter has simple mobile interface easy to use on the go, so it helps to get thousands of new followers in a very short time.

Facebook is easy to reach through any device. According to the least researches, nearly 80 percent of users attend this social network each day through their smartphones. Mobile interface provides many opportunities for customer’s engagement. You can use this social network for mobile marketing in any area as it is suitable for any type of content.

Instagram is one of the newest social networks. Nevertheless, almost all famous brands of the world use this social network for promotion, though it provides pretty modest possibilities for mobile marketing campaign. Instagram has integration with Facebook and provides the opportunity to share videos as well as pictures. This gives marketers great opportunities for successful mobile marketing campaign.

What Is The Best Platform for Mobile Marketing?
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