What to Choose: Interest or Social Graph?

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In our days we become more and more involved in diverse networks – Pinterest, Wanelo, Sulia or WeHeartIt. Communication via networks is like a huge addiction. It seems like we know everything about social networks. But have you ever thought over difference between “Social Graph” and “Interest Graph”? Definitely, they are not the same. Marketing professionals should see uniqueness of each notion.
However our judgment should not be so categorical, because sometimes border between “Social Graph” and “Interest Graph” is very fuzzy. At any rate, people using marketing tools have to know about nuances regarding two both of graphs.
Here are some facts

Fact #1: social graph means people you communicate with

It is very easy to characterize friends and followers as people who you know well or met somewhere. The Social Graph can be compared with popularity in school among your mates.
Consequently we are ready to give the first conclusion about Social Marketing:
“If people know each other, so there is a high degree that they will share identical interest”

Fact#2: interest graphs means infatuations

If to compare the “Interest Graph” with school, so it reminds something like cheerleading or chess club. People make common thing and get satisfaction from what they do. It is not necessarily for them to know each other and have relations. Main thing, which unites them, is passion towards common goal. Level of their passion is directly proportional to number of comments and replicas they generate.
Here is the second conclusion about Interest Marketing:
“If person has interest to something, so other persons sharing identical interest will have the same concern”

Fact#3 Social marketing is very close to drawing

When lots of people observe your message, then chances to draw new readers will grow. Devoting enough time to increasing audience on Twitter, you give potential and future to business or whatever you want.

Fact#4 Relevance and Internet marketing are synonyms

In social marketing it is very important to understand what audience is yours. If people like your messages, so they will bring you clients.
Many web analytics confirm that Pinterest traffic is more useful, that the same traffic from other top social networks, for example Twitter and Facebook. At any rate, it is advised to begin web marketing with Pinterest. However, Twitter and Facebook have much larger audience. Using online networks for building client base is very nice decision.

If to study issue of “Interest and Social marketing”deeper, so we will find more evident differences. To illustrate such difference, on the one hand we will take Facebook / Twitter and on the other hand we will take Pinterest.

1. Actuality of online content

The point is that, content about interests becomes popular slower than hot entertainment content in social networks, but then stays relevant longer. For example if you make post about how to cook a birthday cake, so the article will be still relevant in spite of many years. Consequently, if you post news or the latest film review, the content will lose relevance through months.

Hot content may stay viral during certain period, when interesting and informative articles will be quality long time. In this way we tried to explain why Pinterest content is more long lived than Facebook or Twitter content.

Marketers when realizing any plans, should build special strategy. Sometimes people argue that after posting identical content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the last social network gets the worst results. But the reason is in wrong strategy. Get onto Pinterest users who will browse your board. What do they expect to see? However, remember that audience on Facebook differs greatly from audience on Pinterest. If you cope with strategy planning, the success will wait for you.

2. Searching the content

Scannable visual feed in Pinterest immediately attracted attention of numerous critics. During first months after establishment Pinterest used this feature intensively. The other days Pinterest applies another discovery methodic, like Pinterest search, namely and Interests. And here is the outcome: if discovery concerns interest marketing, so quality of content plays big role. When you encounter any soap opera at first, you may be caught by interesting plot and actors. But when you got addicted from the film, you begin digging actors’ biography, details of filming, cast and so on. People will not miss interesting content and moreover, will research it deeper. As for social networks, so there is no sense to wait that users will dig the content.

3. Use tools correctly.

Vets and therapists are both medical doctors, but people are treated by the therapists and animals by vets. Similarly we can say about using marketing tools in social networks. Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are three different platforms, and tools should be different. The Interest Graph needs special tools, something like Tailwind. Let us review such issues:


Tailwind is an official marketing tool, launched by Pinterest. It is the first place where marketing experts come to analyze Pinterest pages. Huge number of companies online use insights for running their marketing strategies. In the beginning we also used all possible tools for analyzing audience impact in social networks, but then we decided to try something special, that will work only for Pinterest. Just look at this example. Both platforms Twitter and Facebook are focused mainly on fresh content. Thus, people may analyze which posts generated traffic and which didn’t. With Pinterest network the situation is opposite. To be short, you will get inaccurate analytical results, reviewing just recent content.

Following principles of evergreen and viral content, marketers should do not forget about previous posts and always update them. Agree, one individual pin may look very poor, but if to connect it with popular online community it can gain perfect figures. Especially for this we made capabilities to follow the whole lifecycle of one pin. If you accidently view that one of your posts gains popularity again, so you will analyze all reasons and get to know why it happens.

Community management
Such things as social CRM tools allow tracking followers activity, therefore anyone can develop message depending upon received data. It works for real time processes. Otherwise, if you want to send any message to audience via Pinterest, you should know well for sure, what they will be interested in. Let us imagine that a user has 2 or more million followers focused on home redevelopment and clothes for women. For you there is zero sense to pay them for pinning your board with travel pictures. Using all power of Tailwind,you may detect not only users with numerous followers, but also find out potential users who will finally pin the content.

Which content to pin
Considering so called “long life” of pins in Pinterest and nature of content visualization, it is possible to conclude that Pinterest top sources greatly differ from Facebook and Twitter top sources.
Marketing concentration on social graph is very effective for a launched news oriented content, while social circles can result in timely content growing. Those people who deal with Pinterest promotion often ask such question: which are the most effective sources for current topic. We really want all Pinterest users understand the nature of successful content posting. That is why we have thoroughly explored the most effective content sources for certain topic.

What to select?
At the end of our discussion, we will ask you: what is better – Social graph or Interest Graph? Actually, both variants are good depending upon individual case. Some companies can combine two elements of social marketing and succeed. Thus, we will summarize the following.
Choose social marketing tricks in case your online company applies promotion and news media content. Also, it will be perfect if your users communicate with one another offline.
Choose interest marketing tricks in case your firm deals with selling products for the same group of people. Or maybe impacting those clients who are fond of hobby, close to your niche. If you are sure that your firm can be the leading expert advisor in area, relating to posted content, therefore adhere to interest marketing strategy.

What to Choose: Interest or Social Graph?
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