Youtube Isn’t the Only One for Your Video Marketing Strategy

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Do you know that YouTube is the second large search platform after Google? It is really so and this fact makes YouTube a very important part of the whole marketing strategy for your video. Very important, but not the only one. If your goal isn’t just collecting as many viewers as possible, but you also need to make those viewers visit your website, suggest them more content, give them more information, you have to know some aspects that will give you a clear idea how to do this.

The simplest way is to use annotations. Using this method you can show the viewer how to get the product in the video and direct him to your own site. It costs nothing to put the annotation and one can think it is the best decision. But the things can’t be all that good, especially for free. One can turn off the annotations and your appeal won’t be heard. So, it is necessary to look for another possibility to let the viewers know how they can get the additional information and drive them to your website. YouTube should be used in combination with something else. What else? – Vidyard platform! It gives numerous possibilities you need for reaching your goals. Here are some of them:

  • You can manage all your YouTube channels and their parts from one place. It also includes all the synchronizations and settings.
  • Vidyard is better than any annotation. Information about your website can be use at the end of the video or at any other moment and it will be impossible to switch it off like the annotation. Vidyard analytics gives you the possibility to know who exactly followed your CTA.
  • You will be given the chance to curate YouTube video content with all the necessary marketing functions. You will be able to customize any public YouTube video in your own way.
  • The best function of Vidyard’s analytics is the ability to disclose your viewers. You will be able to find out who watched your video, what other videos they watch and how long your video was watched in every certain case. You will be provided with personal video viewing history and it will give you much additional information that is necessary for improving your business strategy.

It is well-known that YouTube is a base for any video marketing strategy, but any base can be improved for better results. If your main aim is to drive your visitor to your website, Vidyard platform is something you really need. Nothing is better when you can meet the viewer on your website, provide him more videos and more content.

Youtube Isn’t the Only One for Your Video Marketing Strategy
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